Our programs

Currently, the Likhubula Youth Organization offers the following Programs;

Youth HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health
The youth program exists on focus group discussions and outreach meetings. These meetings focus on important subjects like HIV and AIDS and other reproductive health information. The spread of HIV and AIDS continues due to inadequate information on sexuality in families. Main goal is to make the people aware of their risks and to provide a lot of information about these issues. This program also includes sport activities to give the youth in the community an opportunity to escape their situation and to keep the youth busy.

Home Based Care and Orphan Care
The home bases care program exists on field visits to vulnerable people, like orphans, disabled, elder people and chronically ill in the community. We collect information about their needs and their medical situation. We try to fulfill the needs of the people by constructing of houses, baths, toilets and helping them in de gardens. Sometimes we help them to go to the hospital. Besides that we also distribute goods like sugar, salt, blankets and sweaters. Pens, paper and school uniforms are distributed for the children too. Furthermore, people can get information about healthy nutrition and medication such as painkillers are distributed if needed and we also link them to other institutions to help.

Early Childhood Development
The early childhood development program is focusing on promoting high quality education through sharing ideas, reducing of school dropouts and improving the performances at school. We already opened two nursery schools with the aitm to provide the younger ones of good basics so that they can build up a good future.

Community Outreach
The community outreach program is mainly estabilished to get in contact with groups in the community to empower them with different skills. This program exists of community outreach meetings, youth-meetings and visits to villages to attract people to come to a meeting. Trainings about economic empowerment and human rights are already organized. There are meetings about like skills too.

Future plans
Our future plans will inlude, but are not limited to the following:
  • Training it's members in different skills
  • Introducing small business to it's members
  • Increase community empowerment activities
  • Having income generating activities {IGA}
  • Having transport possibility like bicycles, motorcycle, car
  • Opening a vocation schools / technical schools
  • Introducing more programs like: enviromental, human rights etc..
  • Having a orphan- and daycare centre
  • Doing sustainability project and long term projects
  • To improve our resource cecnter and build a recreation center